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February 28, 2011

If the expectant mother eats healthy food, the child will prefer healthy food

by Sam

Doctors have always recommended the diet because the fetus is very sensitive to nutritional imbalances in the early months of pregnancy , because this is the time to develop more rapidly.

Today a major new study confirms the importance of being careful in the course of nine months. The research, in fact, shows that in pregnancy the diet of the mother not only sensitizes the fetus to those odors and flavors due to the amniotic fluid, but which affects brain development.

“This underscores the importance of a healthy diet and to refrain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy and lactation,” said Josephine Todrank who led the study while a visiting researcher at the University of Colorado School of Medicine commented: “If the mother drinks alcohol, her baby may be more attracted by alcohol, because the developing fetus “expects” that everything that comes from the mother should be safe. If you eat healthy food, the child will prefer healthy food in the future.”

This is the first study that addresses the changes in the brain that are caused by constant exposure to flavors in utero and in early life when the baby receives milk from mother. Many diseases that afflict society depends on the excessive consumption of food or because you avoid a certain type of food.” said Restrepo, a professor of cell biology and development. “Understanding the factors that determine the choice and ingestion of food, especially the fetus, it is important to organizing strategies to improve the health of the newborn, and adult education. “

February 25, 2011

Intimate lingerie corset in sight in spring 2010

by Sam

corsetsIn spring 2010 fashion lingerie and underwear for large view the corset.
When it comes to corset you think of an item of intimate lingerie is expected to head immediately seductive women to wear only in special occasions, intimate and private sectors.

Instead we will see a great view to the big launch in spring 2010 as head of the corset seducing check under their suit jackets classic match perfectly with the sexy crochet shorts and blend well with cigarette pants.

With the right combinations become the elegant and seductive gowns. For those who have long memories may recall that since the early 80s appear with the name of “body correction” name so assigned because it allows you to correct the lines of women with a little belly and allowed to stand at the same time the volume of the breast.

Among the former lovers of the corset can certainly remember the provocative pop star Madonna, who sported over the years the taboo not to emphasize her charms.

So here in the 2000s comeback, and we find the fashion corsets with new models without sticks but strech. We do not find more classic clips, but an invisible zip.

Among the details that make the new sexy satin corset is not only solid, but emphasize the lace and microfiber color.

February 24, 2011

Costs the PlayStation 3 as soon as 200 euros?

by Sam

Kostet die PlayStation 3 bald nur noch schlappe 200 Euro?

As it seemingly afraid Sony really the release of Nintendo’s new game console 3ds. Not only is working on a PSP 2 in feverishly, the price of the PlayStation 3 to fall now in the near future further. This phenomenon is to recognize that first steps in this direction have already taken the first dealer. A price reduction could be determined on the UK Amazon page. There is the PS 3 with 160 GB now at a discounted price. But also other traders have partially corrected recently down their prices. Such as the British merchant Tesco where the device could change hands currently at a cost of approximately €240.

Moreover speculation be online already, how far to go Sony with the price. From Insider circles is to hear that the PlayStation 3 in a few weeks will cost only around 200 euros for some time. This reduction shall be made in time before the release of the Nintendo 3ds. By the low price Sony wants to avoid that Nintendo can put in lot of market share.

But it seems this price reduction will relate not only to the UK market, in America are now already see the first signs. Among the resellers now offer devices including a game, where the price remains unchanged. Of course was tried from multiple pages to an opinion on this Sony. However, in vain. The company is not a planned price reduction for the PlayStation 3 wanted to comment until now.

February 17, 2011

Choosing her corset

by Sam

Corsets and Garter belt proposed by the follies of Bettie are brand What Katie Did (UK)
They are handmade by a corset.
The lining is 100% cotton for maximum comfort and is the main composition Satin
The corset is made of 2 pieces laced together in the back and stapled on the front with a busk in
Lensemble as the corset and ensures a perfect fit in addition to an flat stomach. Whales distributed
on the edge of the corset reduces the waist and provides a port slim and shapely.

Choice of the corset

When you choose your corset, measure the strongest part of your chest and your hips
and the thinnest part of your waist.
Generally, select a size corset dune size smaller than 10 cm (4 inches) to your size
In selecting dun first corset, The follies of bettie suggest you focus on a dune size corset
5cms to lower your height measured.

Put her corset

If you want to redo the lacing, follow these steps:
Start by lacing up the corset after the drawing. In the middle of the brace are the two loops
clamping (eyelet 7 & 8). When you reach the point A (eyelet 6), put away loeillet B (B eyelet
inside) and form a loop back over previous loeillet C (eyelet 6). And so on
jusquen down. You do the same loop Lautre other side of the corset. You finish your lacing
by a tight knot.

Tightening your corset with help

For the vast majority of corsets, lacing seffectue back. Thus, tightening your
corset requires a lot of energy. We recommend you seek help for lace.
Make sure the laces are as apart as possible (on average 12 to 15 cms)
Check the up / down, theoretically the male pins of the comb (1 / 2 piece of metal supporting pins
female) are on the left.
Clip the pin of the comb, starting with the lower level, and trying to put the top one, the
others should follow.
Now you can tighten.
Retrieve the soft bottom of the lace in the middle, pui slack lace up the middle.
Raise your arms and move from time to time for your body to take its place in the interior and pull
gently. You can enter the stomach to relieve the compression and help tightening.
Do not overtighten at chest. Cest quil at this point become uncomfortable if it is
too tight. It is best to leave a few centimeters douverture between the edges to avoid too
press the spine. When the corset has a comfortable compression, tie at the back of
corset and slip below the brace at the bottom. You can hang the strands of 30 cms.

Tightening your corset without help
Roll the 2 sides of the corset to twist it into a roll, and spread up and down by pulling
order to remove the laces up.
To begin to put the corset we recommend denfiler your tights or stockings, as well as your
shoes if you have to do the laces because you can not bend down easily.
If you wear down, lay the corset completely open on the bed to the bed and lextérieur plan
although the side of the comb with the male pins will be placed on the left of your belly. Put yourself
back to bed and hook the garters from behind. Hard to do when corseted.
Take the 2 sides at the waist and pull of 30-40 cms and temporarily tie the washing dune
loop slightly, just to maintain it. Then repeat the back and gradually pull (never
suddenly). Repeat size up to the top, bottom and due up to the waist. Alternately pull on
loop to retrieve and revive the margin on the front so you can tighten the back. Follow
Tightening the same advice as above. It is recommended to leave a few centimeters douverture to avoid too much pressure on the column
Once the pressure reached, tie a knot in the back that you can easily undo.
Raise your arms and lean lair dun side of the other and then back to davant correctly
you install.

Tips and recommendations
Avoid leaning forward because of the rigidity of the corset, follow the small simple things
like going down the back straight while bending the knees to pick up something on the ground.
Especially not attempt to manually undo the busk without first completely loosen the laces.
Normally, you should not be, otherwise you could labîmer and hurt you.
If you want to wear your corset for the day, put on and tighten it before breakfast.
Attention to all the carbonated water, soda, beer, champagne …
Pain is a sign that your corset is too tight a corset should be comfortable.

February 16, 2011

The 10 best movie costumes

by Sam

I bet every one has their favorite clothes from historical or fantasy films. These clothes are enchanted, draw us into its spell and we want to be able to carry itself even dream of such a substance. Here is a (purely subjective) survey is the best film costumes of all time.

1. Ever After – Daniele’s Ball Gown

Period: Renaissance
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston, Dougray Scott
Director (s): Andy Tennant
Production year: 1998
Costumes: Jenny Beavan

Dress: Danielle’s dress is my favorite white dress. The cut is reminiscent of the clothes of the Italian Renaissance in 1500. The waist is elevated and sits just below the chest. The skirt of the dress is slightly flared and is divided down in the front center, come to light that the petticoat. The sleeves of the dress are puffed at the shoulders and elbows. Sleeves, chest and neck portion are precious and expensive embroidered with vines and flower motifs along with pearls. The rear skirt extended to a slight train.

2. Dracula – Mina’s red Tournürenkleid

Era: early days
Starring: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves
Director (s): Francis Ford Coppola
Production year: 1992
Costumes: Eiko Ishioka

Dress: Mina’s red Tournürenkleid is simply a dream. While the upper part with front and back V-neck is kept relatively simple, is the fascination of this dress with safety in the elaborate skirt. The rear skirt has exactly narrow baggy folds of which a further, rich layer of fabric is draped. On the edges of the front and top of many loops are attached to the ornament. These loops are repeated, albeit in smaller form, at the front and back neck. The three-quarter-length sleeves run downward into trumpet shape.

3. The Duchess – Geoergiana’s dark blue Redingote

Period: Rococo
Starring: Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling
Director (s): Saul Dibb
Production year: 2008
Costumes: Michael O’Connor
Dress: Georgiana is wearing a dark blue three-piece Redingote costume made of silk chenille in uniform style. The front edges of the jacket and the cuffs are decorated with gold trim and large gold buttons. The jacket is figure-hugging cut and in the back with small tails. Under the Redingote Georgiana with a cream-colored, tight-fitting vest, which is also decorated with gold buttons. The neck can see the lace worn underneath the blouse. Compared to the elaborate jacket, the skirt is kept very simple, at the waist, only two Chatelaine appropriate. As a great costume accessories that Muff is made of orange fox. The big dark blue hat is ebnfalls decorated with fox fur and dark feathers.

4. Elizabeth – The Golden Age – Elizabeth’s white church dress

Era: Spanish fashion world
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen
Director (s): Shekhar Kapur
Production year: 2007
Costumes: Alexandra Byrne
Dress: Elizabeth is wearing a black dress with flowers and tendrils eingefwebten motives. The large square is cut from a high-Medici collar framed in lace. The club-shaped sleeves are high on the shoulder and narrow down to the wrist. Here they are filled with a delicate lace ruffle. The front bodice of the dress is decorated with a cream-colored Sickerei of flowers and tendrils. In the center front runs from the bodice of a long tip. The cone-shaped rock at the side and down the back of the waist in many folds.

5. The Young Victoria – Victoria’s Wedding Dress

Era: Biedermeier
Cast: Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany, Jesper Christensen
Director (s): Jean-Marc Vallee
Production year: 2009
Costumes: Sandy Powell
Dress: Victoria’s wedding dress is cream-colored silk gefertigt.Der runs from neck to the shoulders and is framed with a wide cream colored lace ruffle. The short sleeves are puffed twice and provided on the cuffs with a lace flounce. The bodice top is from the front in a long top. In the waist is recognized in many draped skirt. A broad peak covered from knee to hem of the skirt.

6. Titanic – Rose’s red dress

Era: turn of the century
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane, Kate Winslet
Director (s): James Cameron
Production year: 1997
Costumes: Deborah Lynn Scott
Dress: During her suicide scene with Rose this enchanting red evening dress. Above the red fabric is a layer of soft black mesh. The mesh is back out in a straight train while it is open right up to the chest and shortened to about knee height. The cut of the dress is straight and narrow. The sleeves are almost only suggested and also made of black mesh. The chest part is expensive embroidered with black beads and sequins. The hem of the skirt was decorated with two rows of großrn circles of black pearls and sequins and a strand of black, teardrop-shaped pearls.

7. The Other Boleyn Girl Anne’s green robe

Period: English Renaissance
Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana, Natalie Portman
Director (s): Justin Chadwick
Production year: 2008
Costumes: Sandy Powell
Dress: This beautiful green dress is made of silk taffeta, velvet and brocade. The low neckline of the dress is straight cut and trimmed with gold and green jewels. The bodice top is in its intersection held so that it flattens the breast. The long sleeves extend downwardly extreme, they are lined with dark green velvet, which is visible when going through the sleeves. Among them are long, narrow sleeves of green brocade to light. The long skirt is placed at the waist in many, voluminous folds forward and open in the middle. Under the wide of green silk taffeta Oberrrock looks out of the petticoat of green brocade.

8. My Fair Lady – Eliza’s white lace dress

Era: turn of the century
Starring: Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Wilfrid Hyde-White
Director (s): George Cukor
Production year: 1964
Costumes: Cecil BeatonMichael Neuwirth
Dress: Eliza’s Horse Racing-white lace dress is cut very slim and figure-hugging. The detail of the dress has a high collar. The long, narrow sleeves are decorated with a frilly ruffle on the cuffs. The narrow skirt of the dress is drawn downward easily. Over the torso and hips wide pieces of black and white striped trim are fitted. On the left side of the chest makes this border a large loop. The oversized hat is also connected to the black and white striped trim and a white ostrich feather decorated.

9. Brothers Grimm – Red velvet dress the Queen

Red velvet dress the Queen
Era: Biedermeier / Fantasy
Starring: Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Monica Bellucci
Director (s): Terry Gilliam
Production year: 2005
Costumes: Gabriella Pescucci, Carlo Poggioli
Dress: The queen is wearing a dress made of bright red velvet, reminiscent of the cut a little of the clothes of the Italian Renaissance. The upper part of the dress is open in front to the waist and tied with a golden strand. The floor-length trumpet sleeves sin of the shoulder with a web of gold and red beads attached. The cut and the front edge of the dress are decorated with a leaf-shaped application, pearls and a golden strand. At the wide cuffs look out a dark orange lining, which is embroidered with sequins motifs in flower shape. The hem of the skirt is back from a long train. As long as the train, the wide ends of the sleeves are cut so that they drag along the ground. Under the dress with the Queen on a cream-colored, langämerlige Chemise with a high, jagged and protruding collar.

10. Lord of the Rings – Arwen’s black and red dress

Era: Fantasy
Starring: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Liv Tyler, Christopher Lee
Director (s): Peter Jackson

Production year (s): 2001, 2002, 2003
Costumes: Ngila Dickson, Richard Taylor
Dress: One of the most popular clothes of the film is certainly Arwen’s black and red velvet dress. The cut is generally rather simple, but convinced by his selected beautiful fabrics. The main part of the dress is long and simply cut downward. The sleeves are udn to the elbows close-fitting and made of red brocade, from elbow to fall within a wide bell shape geefertigt red velvet. At the neckline and elbow a precious gold border is appropriate.

So there! you have the The 10 best movie costumes