Dead space – the solution part 1

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1

Determine each already pulled under the spell of dead space 2, however in a chapter festhängt, will be helped with this detailed Walktrough. Following tips & tricks anyone the deadly all will come gradually closer – and easily using this solution.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1Chapter 1: Before you can penetrate even through the exciting world of dead space 2, an exciting intro waiting newbies – players which already give you a very somber impression. After you get used to the mysterious mood, go play on the dock of the USG Ishimura, where you can first loose. To be prepared for the long journey, you will find a small Medipack directly at the beginning of the game in the corner. On the opposite side, now I leave the ship and is always based on the right side. There you can soon see a gate that opens it. Browse the shelves on the left then to secure you 1,500 credits as well as a second Medipack. Before the game really record ride, you must use the door on the opposite side to go to the Terminal where you need to load the incident reports. Suddenly you will hear how evil Nekromorphen popping up and wipe out the heroism of the player. The previously locked door is unlocked. Now it goes as quickly as possible going along, until you get to an elevator. Here you must be really fast because it is caught otherwise even by a Nekromorph. It manages to make the Nekromorph behind it, you can drive calmly to one level deeper. The bottom floor is the first time directly correctly to business. After you insert the melee weapons and the plasma cutter off the table, the first fight almost ready. To strengthen a Medipack and another 1,000 credits are available besides the weapons. Then it goes towards output, where to find a door. To unlock it, you have to aim with the plasma cutter on the backup, located right next to the door. After there has hineingemacht a step, to get his first opponent to face directly. This is initially still engaged in a body only later he registered a few breaths however that you are in space and promptly sprints to it on one. That opponent can easily turn off by you just shoot with the plasma cutter on his legs. If the monster still being moveth afterwards, a short kick ensures safe end.

Anyone can get additional 1,000 credits, follows the gang and turn left. Then again to change its direction and comes to another room. There you learn of his order the monorail back maintained add via video log. On the left side of the door the first opportunity the players now, to protect the own score.  Now you know what is and determined to continue his way. Best one moves now always on the left wall and forward by a large room to the other side. There you is given then the stasis ability allows the players opponents and objects to be slower. You will directly take just learned ability to get through the next door that has a small defect.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1

A further turn where you will save the game bends behind the door. Turning now to the right there is a one Medipack, credits and unregistered ammunition to free for the taking. Now you should hasten to the other end, there will be entrusted directly with the first puzzle of the game. Before it goes now to solve the puzzle, it is still necessarily collect the energy nodes that is found on the right wall.

Compared to the puzzles waiting in the later chapters still players, this is resolve here pretty quickly and easily. The task is obtaining the wagon of the monorail by enabling two contacts. It is important to first care left contact and then only to the right. After pressing the second contact we must proceed very quickly. First activate stasis directly after the pressing and running as quickly as possible in the Middle revved the engine. Usually one or two opponents in the way, which can be cleared with the plasma cutter without problems arise along the way.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1

It is even managed to set the machine in motion, you done his target in this floor. Now it moves back to the elevator and runs another stock to below. Once on the ground floor, the next Nekromorphen only defeat have by one separating them with the plasma cutter arms await one. All attacks – such as the separation of the head – show little impact because the monsters move otherwise nevertheless on the player. Hardly you have you enemies of the neck managed and made the first steps in the elevator, waiting the next opponent. These can carry quite quickly with the plasma cutter in the hereafter. Then follow best the right way that leads to an elevator. With this one goes for a few moments in the upstairs there to get the key for the maintenance area. Returned back down it goes back along the left side.

The next door is again a locked. Now the key is used, the man had just taken from the upper floor. Just open space found her two energy nodes for the attentive look, one directly to the left, the other right next to the bench on the wall.
The two nodes can be used now on the Workbench to increase the power of plasma cutters. By Isaac’s helping guide it should be no problem again find the way back to that place where you received its first order. The Board used, you should have picked up from the locked room comes to this source. Thanks to this it creates now the monorail at the Terminal to activate it.
You once mastered this task, it is back again to the roots. More specifically you must go to that place, where you got the plasma cutter at the start of the game.

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