Dead space – the solution part 2

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 2Continuation of the 1.Kapitels
As promised yesterday, it continues today with the Walktrough to dead space 2. Because we are stopped yesterday still in the first chapter, we will continue of course there. Since her so as mentioned in the room returned where you find the plasma cutter, is once again on a ride with the lift. This time it goes back up where you first stops directly after getting off because there already is waiting for the next villain. Since but beware, almost at the same time another enemy approaching you from behind. After a quick 180 ° rotation should but this enemy cannot harm one. The two enemies brought first to the corner, is it on in the next room. In this you will find a door that you bring back to the beginning of the game, namely the ship.
Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 2
You must now adopt from his good old ship by enables the boot sequence and then as soon as possible makes of the field. After the ship in sea is crystal-clear, you should check this not too long because already raging Nekromorphen on one move from afar. They can be cleared with some targeted shots on the arms and legs of individuals easily out of the way. Now the first chapter is almost finished, now you need only the way go back and use the left door in the next room. Then you need drive only with the elevator down. You already lost parts his energy up to this point, so you can visit first quite the toilet in the corridor, there is a great Medipack. After it has started now but the ride with the lift, the shop is the top for the first time. Until the suit level 2, which increases the item places 3, actually no further items to purchase that are really useful.

Now it can go down in the second chapter, this one simply enters the monorail and clicks on the map.

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