Dead space – the solution part 3

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

Chapter 2: Intensive Care Unit
Now that the first chapter was finished, it will now continue with the first ride on the monorail. At the beginning of the second chapter, you find yourself in an empty compartment, which you can rely directly. Then one should notice a rather strange lady directly. Get thee over to this blind woman, then you get this right the Kinesmodul presented. Thanks to this very useful module, it is now possible to draw different objects approaching, move or wegzuschleudern. As for the one or the other players in the handling of this module at the beginning is a bit strange well, it’s worth it if you tried this only a few times before proceeding, make the actual game. Well prepared to go in the other tasks of the capital, you should still pick up the small health pack, which is located right under the seats.

Then you need already previously learned new skills. Use the kinesis gives you the best first off the boxes that are in front of you on your way. Once you finally made it all the boxes aside so the schemes are collected, which is located a few meters in front of the door. The scheme is quite useful – after all, you can buy the fact the flame thrower. In the next room then you can learn from the next (small) order – one should should first start looking for something explosive to then destroy the objects on the left hand side. But before we embark on a quest, it is advisable to save the game and collect the credits, which are located on the cabinet and on the ground.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

Not matter whether you have now brought the matter or not, it is now out. There is a huge container, because you can move easily thanks to its abilities to the side. Then dip again some of these pesky animals called Nekromorphen. Are they out of the way, one needs only the energy cell in the opening set. If you have used up the energy for the node before a door, it would now be useful to bring a new energy hub, which is located in the adjoining room. There can also find the schema for the momentum projectiles.
Maybe now appears just before the lift is another enemy that one should normally not over till the fat. At the top one goes first on the platform and then moves them to the other side. However, it should not be forgotten on the two enemies that were raised during this work in its way. Besides the monsters includes safeguarding destroyed, which is located next to the door. If you go now in the first outdoor, one should not forget that the existing Luftreserveren sufficient for only a limited time. In this section, these are very highly rated, so you can even create loose with slow pace the way through. If you want to be completely sure yet, we can first search through the closets, where there is an air tank.

Once one is now gone through the gate, you can start to be a rather strange-looking room, where the gravity override. From now on you can easily jump over the walls without crashing. Next, we investigated turned out to a floating cell, and does this in the opening. It does not matter which of the cells is selected. Zoning is now behind the door, you get the other important component of the bomb. Furthermore, even credits and ammunition found in the room.

And now we must make themselves once again on the way to the exit point. This time, however, meet a return on the new small bacilli, which lovingly attach and suck like the character, allowing its energy. These little beasts are best destroyed with the pulse rifle. However, should it occur once, that this vile monster had attached, it must be very quickly press the A or X button and pray that the bugs come off again.
Is it then – after having destroyed the stubborn little beasts – arrived back in the room with all the stuff to hunt this directly with the Termitbombe in the air. Then again appear on some useless Lurker that need to bring back to the route. Now, you are able to put the energy cell in the right hole. In the waiting room at first then reach again a number of small Nekromorphe out to be extinguished.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

If we now further along the path, you get a pretty crazy first picture to see. Here you can either look for a while or go direct to the end of the room where you can save game progress again. After that, the course goes on until you come to a lift. This one uses and then goes down the location of the morgue. can usually find people who died there to rest, has at the moment there but a funny-looking Nekromorph nested, reviving all the dead bodies as mutants. At the time when you enter the morgue, fortunately only the captain was revived. Thus, it is not yet in a few moments are far more resurrected bodies, should the Nekromorph kill as quickly as possible. This one has not the time to place accurate shots. Rather, it is wild herumzuschiessen around and hope that the two enemies are destroyed. Has now enabled, you can see on the ground an object which has lost the resurrected Captain, that you collect. In the last corner of the morgue you can get another power node for the later chapters.

Then one has done his work in the morgue and good cheer can go back to the elevator to the top. After we got out of the elevator, one follows the path straight ahead to the next door. To destroy the enemy found there, is given to the best stasis, since it is practically incapacitated. Then you need only go through the left door and go back to the monorail, to complete the Chapter Two.

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