Dead space – the solution part 4

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4

Chapter 3: Course correction
Like in the second chapter one finds again in a car of the monorail at the beginning of the third chapter. First it goes again from the wagon and may then listen a slightly longer video message. In addition to some belanglosem stuff you get also indicated that one has to provide for this, the Ishimura is zurückgelenkt again in her regular orbit. Then you should stop first stop to accommodate the unregistered ammunition. Then we move to the start area. From there turn to the right, through the door and along the course.

It runs always straight, you will find a schema which can be used for the flamethrower sometime is on the ground. Then the whole trip returns, where in the middle of the suddenly – dead at first sight – Nekromorph. Best you destroyed them directly, before it can start its surprise attack. Then you go the way further to the work bench, where the energy nodes are used. Now you can decide whether this is intended to strengthen the plasma cutter, or rather attracting the new suit brought more life energy.

Then follow the road and turn at the next two branches left off so you can secure a small Medipack. Towards a further switch can now be easily found using the help line is displayed. This switch can easily move, where running the Kinese and then presses the handle down. Then there is careful because now some monster from the back room get ready to attack. After it has eliminated these enemies, one goes now to the cable car you can drive to the other side. To set the thing on the move, you need to press the Terminal for the exit first.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4

Who now thinks it is quieter too on the other hand, who has deceived themselves tremendously. Directly after getting several Nekromorphe try to harm you. These beasts are already from a considerable distance, they can easily wipe out. Yet after – apparently all Nekromorphen are dead – carefully approach, happens because every now and then one of these monsters dead provides. This then just waiting, that you are passing moves them and then start a common attack. To make sure you can give a strong kick Nekromorphen in passing again.
Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4

Then continuing best again to use the guide that leads one to the next storage point. The schema for the Ripper which you should collect definitely is located directly next to the storage object. Now the requirement is done on this page and you can go back to the other side. Then a short walk follows upwards until you arrive at the starting area. Before you then the lift right rear can use must survive first an attack by aliens. A small Tip: Who wants to have it easier in the next section, should buy the pulse rifle and the Ripper, without these weapons it can be difficult even for the professional.

You first arrived with the lift, there is only a way to directly traced. Before you can now take the next door, you must first again deal with a horde of Nekromorphen. Completes this simple task now follows a course where you take the left turning, to secure a power node. Now hit one its way in the other direction, where a semiconductor and then later the next storage point.

Directly after saving can be reached in a centrifuge space where you have to do to create on the gravitation. Previously waiting but two opponents who want to be massacred. The device up and running again, you must establish a connection between generators and body. This seems to be to be because that begin to turn contact immensely quickly not to create the first glance. So that sufficient time remains to establish the connections, it deploys best stasis. It now adopts the Kinese to make it work.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4Everything was clear now jumps you upwards with a set and enabled the centrifuge, which creates a luftleerer space. Now goes back to the elevator and goes back to the bottom. In the next game sequence it would be beneficial if you have some patience. Finally you can go through in one piece, but each must run from a niche to the next, so that one is caught by the centrifuge. But don’t worry because the air about halfway you pass in an air station. As so often in this game it says then back to the starting point. On the way back should however careful, because lurks a huge tentacles in the middle of the road. You can destroy this obvious enemy by you making some targeted shots on the yellow lumps. By the round lock it goes off again in an outdoor area. Directly before a platform now arises you must leap. Now makes it a quarter turn and jump with a specific reference to the next lock. There a schema for the average Medipack is first in the corridor. It simply continues all the way, one finally comes in a huge space is divided into several sticks. Best one looks on each floor are behind almost every door more or less useful items.

Again we arrive at a door which has an error. After you open it using the stasis, some aliens behind this door lurking already. The enemies are done, now make pace says: next up there is only a single open door behind which many Nekromorphen are. As a reward for the execution of the whole Nekromorphe you can get a power node in this large room. Now you can launch the boot sequence and the emerging enemies make the track with his Ripper. Finally to confirm only the ignition on the same terminal. To complete the third chapter, behold you must make again the way to the monorail.

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