Dead space – the solution part 5

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 5
Chapter 4: imminent destruction
The fourth chapter starts next to the station where there are very good useful items to collect. To open the next door, now you can get to focus, that behind the wall a monster is in, which is very fast to eliminate. For the further course of the game it can be very convenient if is to buy the one or other energy node in the shop. Here it pays off now, if you previously collected the whole credits and unnecessarily before verprasst the money. Then there is a very loud impact but complete peace of mind can be ignored. You can therefore aufsammeln objects lying around here in the area still safely. At the end of the road a staircase is down, leading to a lift which is directly used.

Arrived below the schema for the third suit is on the left side directly. Otherwise you need sound only his next job at the bottom. This is to set the auto-immune function in operation. More there are here below not to do, which means that you can again go lift upwards. In this room we see which caused by an attack of Brutes affected now to another gate. To overcome this tough enemy out of the way, there is more than just simple Abknallen. There are several ways annihilate the opposition, the easiest way is but to slow down the opponent through stasis and then shoot him in the back. You should only drain from the brute, if this lying motionless on the floor.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 5It is now with the pace in the open area. Where the vehicles must be enabled. Before going back the other way to the elevator should be links bring the energy nodes. After the ride with the lift says get off slowly and gently to go next door. There is the schema for the laser cannon. Going through this door a Nekromorph to expect the same. This is over once you can use calmly stasis station.   Now it is somewhat tedious, but not boring. You must reach the little power cables in the gravity fields. Until to get there but plenty of enemies to any weapon must be eliminated. After you first through has gekämpft itself by all opponents, you need the previously charged stasis of you slows the power cables to redirect to the energy supply.

Return also now once again as described in each chapter. This time to the lift where you ride back upward. Funny elevator ride directly to the next lift goes on from there where one moves to level 01. In top gear, you can go quiet slightly faster ahead because the air is less because a hole in the outer skin of the Ishimura was snapped. However, the air at normal rate should be enough easy. The next room you may submit a short stop to bring enough ammunition. Then it goes in a similar scenario as previously. A room with gravity fields and a variety Nekromorphen again waiting for the player. You can also safely omit the subsequent door reside behind a few credits.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 5

Also here it is again redirect the flow of electricity and then back to the elevator zurückzulaufen. From is now on the third floor. After a somewhat creepy-looking creature is passed, you can get the schema for the energy cannon. Then it is in this chapter already for the third time Nekromorphe kill and redirect handler.
Now it goes down through the door next to the Terminal where you ride with the lift upward. Before going further, you should check his air supply. It looks not so good, you can get right a medium air Pack for the next section before the lock.External arrived one fly dozens parts around the ears. These should be in no way take, to protect you can hide every now and again behind a barrier. However we must never forget on the air display. Best one is in the subsequent shooting sequence each with one of the two guns right in the middle. After you mastered this task, you enter then back to the monorail station where the fourth chapter ends.

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