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February 24, 2011

Costs the PlayStation 3 as soon as 200 euros?

by Sam

Kostet die PlayStation 3 bald nur noch schlappe 200 Euro?

As it seemingly afraid Sony really the release of Nintendo’s new game console 3ds. Not only is working on a PSP 2 in feverishly, the price of the PlayStation 3 to fall now in the near future further. This phenomenon is to recognize that first steps in this direction have already taken the first dealer. A price reduction could be determined on the UK Amazon page. There is the PS 3 with 160 GB now at a discounted price. But also other traders have partially corrected recently down their prices. Such as the British merchant Tesco where the device could change hands currently at a cost of approximately €240.

Moreover speculation be online already, how far to go Sony with the price. From Insider circles is to hear that the PlayStation 3 in a few weeks will cost only around 200 euros for some time. This reduction shall be made in time before the release of the Nintendo 3ds. By the low price Sony wants to avoid that Nintendo can put in lot of market share.

But it seems this price reduction will relate not only to the UK market, in America are now already see the first signs. Among the resellers now offer devices including a game, where the price remains unchanged. Of course was tried from multiple pages to an opinion on this Sony. However, in vain. The company is not a planned price reduction for the PlayStation 3 wanted to comment until now.