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March 15, 2011

Guitar Hero and DJ hero is dead

by Sam

The era of bogus plastic guitars and records with the colorful buttons is over. Activision officially stopped the development of future versions of the Games Guitar Hero and DJ hero.

As a result of lower demand and interest for music games Activision, declared it “these games under the conditions could not continue profitably market.” I would rather say both game series matches the old adage: “have you seen one, you have seen all”. To be honest, I don’t even remember, when I had my plastic Guitar last time in hand – don’t actually even where I buried them.

Activision said that his music games of purely commercial nature setting. Instead we will focus more on Blizzard games, call of duty and Bungies new IP (developer of Halo).

If you have waited for a sequel to Guitar Hero so, it seems as if the last game “Warriors of Rock” represents the end of the series.