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February 28, 2011

If the expectant mother eats healthy food, the child will prefer healthy food

by Sam

Doctors have always recommended the diet because the fetus is very sensitive to nutritional imbalances in the early months of pregnancy , because this is the time to develop more rapidly.

Today a major new study confirms the importance of being careful in the course of nine months. The research, in fact, shows that in pregnancy the diet of the mother not only sensitizes the fetus to those odors and flavors due to the amniotic fluid, but which affects brain development.

“This underscores the importance of a healthy diet and to refrain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy and lactation,” said Josephine Todrank who led the study while a visiting researcher at the University of Colorado School of Medicine commented: “If the mother drinks alcohol, her baby may be more attracted by alcohol, because the developing fetus “expects” that everything that comes from the mother should be safe. If you eat healthy food, the child will prefer healthy food in the future.”

This is the first study that addresses the changes in the brain that are caused by constant exposure to flavors in utero and in early life when the baby receives milk from mother. Many diseases that afflict society depends on the excessive consumption of food or because you avoid a certain type of food.” said Restrepo, a professor of cell biology and development. “Understanding the factors that determine the choice and ingestion of food, especially the fetus, it is important to organizing strategies to improve the health of the newborn, and adult education. “