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April 3, 2012

Xbox720-Christmas 2013 with blu ray and fixed connection to the internet?

by Sam

Chasing still numerous rumors about the details of the new Xbox720, but still nothing official! According to leaked on the net in the last hours the new Xbox for Christmas 2013 would be available, but we’re going to find out what could be new in this next-gen console! The new Xbox, now all call, Xbox720 equipped with a blue ray player and use it will need to be always connected to the internet. Contains also two GPUS, capable of operating independently from each other, draw two different objects simultaneously. The source matters worse news stating that are planned for Xbox720, four or six runs, an internally dedicated to Kinect and its operations and another for your operating system. This avalanche of information was confirmed by a post on Twitter, promptly deleted, Treacy, technical designers of Crytek. We hope to receive the first official news because of these rumors we have had enough!

March 31, 2011

Online portals are used more frequently for travel and moving

by Sam

More than 49% of the population in the UK is now using the internet to plan and book their moving. These figures were recently revealed by facebook polls. The number rose from January 2001 with just 15% to 49% in ten years. As part of an extensive poll in facebook about 60% of people who have internet access book their travel destinations online. According few other research internet users even plan their moving by hiring cheap removals companies online.

Many users also take use of social media to increase as a source of information for vacation plans and moving plans. Many users say this way they reduce the time of research and travel. Many car rental companies do of course provide the vehicle for the spontaneous trip on vacation. But even here, a rising trend is observed.