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March 21, 2011

To the Nintendo 3ds, release will be there with 18 games!

by Sam

Zum Nintendo 3DS Release wird es 18 Spiele geben !

As it is known already for some time, enables the Japanese consoles his 3ds will bring manufacturer Nintendo to 27 March 2011 on the market. At the same time with the 3DS-Gaming-System it will be directly 18 new games as the company in an official press release announced.

Who are the Nintendo 3ds will buy next month for around 190 euros, can choose in addition to about 30 euros between one of three new Nintendo Games. The “Steel Diver”, “Pilotwings Resort” games are the potential customers and “Nintendogs + cats” available.

The three games are all different genres associated with it, so that the appropriate it should be for everyone. Who denies to exciting adventures, which should opt for “Pilotwings Resort”, this one flies on a tropical island and must pass various missions. In this game the new 3D is also directly technology used. But the other two Nintendo 3ds will run games with the most modern graphics. “Steel Diver” is a mixture of strategy and fighting game, where the player in a submarine sitting and swims by Aquarium.

In “Nintendogs + cats” is a game that was already available in a similar form for PC and Nintendo DS. New in contrast to his predecessors is that the players for the first time to small kittens can care. There are three different breeds available, one can be selected from those first at the beginning of the game. The three potential main dogs are: poodle, French Bulldog and golden retriever. In the course of the game, up to 20 more races can be unlocked.

Of course, there will be some new products of various games directly to the release of the new console but also developers. The following is a brief overview of the manufacturers and their new products:

Capcom – Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
EA – the Sims 3
EA SPORTS – Madden NFL football
Konami Digital Entertainment – Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
3DLucasArts – LEGO Star Wars III: the Clone Wars
Namco Bandai Games America – Ridge Racer
3DSega – Super Monkey Ball
3DSquare-Enix – bust a move
UniverseTecmo KOEI America – Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
Ubisoft – asphalt 3D, battle of the Giants: dinosaurs 3D, 3D, Rayman, as well as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon shadow wars.
Already now, it seems clear to be that Nintendo may reach with the 3ds in new dimensions, as far as concerned the sales. It goes to the provider itself, it is not only on the coming 3D content that the device already so is booming before the launch. Rather, it is a mix of this modern graphics, high-quality games and applications.

The pre-installed games, applications, and functions of 3ds will provide another highlight. Now very popular is the integrated camera, with the great 2D and 3D photos can be taken. But the made photos can be created not only for fun. There is also the option to give his personal image in the “face detection”, where it then creates a witty copy of the photographed face. In addition, some games can be played with the personalized characters then.

As we already are used from other consoles, all its predecessor Nintendo DS games can be also be played on the 3ds. The only exception: games were played on the DS via the secondary Game Boy Advance slot.

At the end, Nintendo has also a good news for all fans of the popular “angry birds” game. According to the manufacturer, the game will be available: in the year 2011 for Nintendo Wii and 3ds.

February 9, 2011

Release date is: Nintendo 3ds from 25. Available March!

by Sam

 Releasetermin steht: Nintendo 3DS ab 25. März erhältlich!
All Nintendo fans soars the anticipation continues on the latest game console – the Nintendo 3ds – every day. What is special about this device will be that many games coming to the Nintendo 3ds in the market will offer 3D content. That no annoying glasses is needed to use the 3D games should get better with interested players.    A preview event in Amsterdam, which was held recently, Satoru Shibata – Europe Chief of Nintendo – and leaders of game developer manufacturer Konami, Ubisoft and Capcom introduced the many functions of the device.

Unlike its predecessor – the Nintendo DS – with the Nintendo 3ds will focus not only on the world. Furthermore, an Internet function and 3D-Fernsehinhalte by Eurosport and sky are offered with the latest product from Nintendo. Similarly to released some film in 3D quality multifunctional console. Nintendo has probably developed a product with these innovations, which it since the functions on each case can take with the popular PlayStation Portable.

The Japanese console look to the new 3ds may first. In the far East it will be in stores already the end of February. As only a few days ago was made known, the fans in Europe – including Germany – must wait about a month longer. From 25. March 2011 the Nintendo 3ds, which will be available in black and blue will be acquirable at various retailers. According to an official Twitter-announcement of the company prices for Europe to are translated at one of the Japanese price logically specified in yen, which will give approximately 250 euro. But there should be different European traders to price differences.

Another special feature that provides the Nintendo 3ds is the so-called “Street pass”.  This allows the device automatically connects to other 3ds – provided, of course this feature is enabled on both devices. In this way it should be everywhere possible users in the world, compete against other players in exciting games like street fighter.

Unfortunately what 3ds indicated up to this point yet, games at the same time with the device at the 25. March 2011 to be published. But this some should be up to the games fair June over 30 titles for this console will be available.

There are now an extract of those games that will be available in June for the Nintendo 3ds:
Dead or alive
NFLKid Icarus
Street Figher IV 3D
EditionLego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
Ridge Racer 3DPilotwings resort
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Combat of giant: Dinosaurs
3DResident evil: The mercenaries
3DNintendogs & cats
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D