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February 15, 2011

Dead space – the solution part 5

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 5
Chapter 4: imminent destruction
The fourth chapter starts next to the station where there are very good useful items to collect. To open the next door, now you can get to focus, that behind the wall a monster is in, which is very fast to eliminate. For the further course of the game it can be very convenient if is to buy the one or other energy node in the shop. Here it pays off now, if you previously collected the whole credits and unnecessarily before verprasst the money. Then there is a very loud impact but complete peace of mind can be ignored. You can therefore aufsammeln objects lying around here in the area still safely. At the end of the road a staircase is down, leading to a lift which is directly used.

Arrived below the schema for the third suit is on the left side directly. Otherwise you need sound only his next job at the bottom. This is to set the auto-immune function in operation. More there are here below not to do, which means that you can again go lift upwards. In this room we see which caused by an attack of Brutes affected now to another gate. To overcome this tough enemy out of the way, there is more than just simple Abknallen. There are several ways annihilate the opposition, the easiest way is but to slow down the opponent through stasis and then shoot him in the back. You should only drain from the brute, if this lying motionless on the floor.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 5It is now with the pace in the open area. Where the vehicles must be enabled. Before going back the other way to the elevator should be links bring the energy nodes. After the ride with the lift says get off slowly and gently to go next door. There is the schema for the laser cannon. Going through this door a Nekromorph to expect the same. This is over once you can use calmly stasis station.   Now it is somewhat tedious, but not boring. You must reach the little power cables in the gravity fields. Until to get there but plenty of enemies to any weapon must be eliminated. After you first through has gekämpft itself by all opponents, you need the previously charged stasis of you slows the power cables to redirect to the energy supply.

Return also now once again as described in each chapter. This time to the lift where you ride back upward. Funny elevator ride directly to the next lift goes on from there where one moves to level 01. In top gear, you can go quiet slightly faster ahead because the air is less because a hole in the outer skin of the Ishimura was snapped. However, the air at normal rate should be enough easy. The next room you may submit a short stop to bring enough ammunition. Then it goes in a similar scenario as previously. A room with gravity fields and a variety Nekromorphen again waiting for the player. You can also safely omit the subsequent door reside behind a few credits.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 5

Also here it is again redirect the flow of electricity and then back to the elevator zurückzulaufen. From is now on the third floor. After a somewhat creepy-looking creature is passed, you can get the schema for the energy cannon. Then it is in this chapter already for the third time Nekromorphe kill and redirect handler.
Now it goes down through the door next to the Terminal where you ride with the lift upward. Before going further, you should check his air supply. It looks not so good, you can get right a medium air Pack for the next section before the lock.External arrived one fly dozens parts around the ears. These should be in no way take, to protect you can hide every now and again behind a barrier. However we must never forget on the air display. Best one is in the subsequent shooting sequence each with one of the two guns right in the middle. After you mastered this task, you enter then back to the monorail station where the fourth chapter ends.

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February 14, 2011

Dead space – the solution part 4

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4

Chapter 3: Course correction
Like in the second chapter one finds again in a car of the monorail at the beginning of the third chapter. First it goes again from the wagon and may then listen a slightly longer video message. In addition to some belanglosem stuff you get also indicated that one has to provide for this, the Ishimura is zurückgelenkt again in her regular orbit. Then you should stop first stop to accommodate the unregistered ammunition. Then we move to the start area. From there turn to the right, through the door and along the course.

It runs always straight, you will find a schema which can be used for the flamethrower sometime is on the ground. Then the whole trip returns, where in the middle of the suddenly – dead at first sight – Nekromorph. Best you destroyed them directly, before it can start its surprise attack. Then you go the way further to the work bench, where the energy nodes are used. Now you can decide whether this is intended to strengthen the plasma cutter, or rather attracting the new suit brought more life energy.

Then follow the road and turn at the next two branches left off so you can secure a small Medipack. Towards a further switch can now be easily found using the help line is displayed. This switch can easily move, where running the Kinese and then presses the handle down. Then there is careful because now some monster from the back room get ready to attack. After it has eliminated these enemies, one goes now to the cable car you can drive to the other side. To set the thing on the move, you need to press the Terminal for the exit first.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4

Who now thinks it is quieter too on the other hand, who has deceived themselves tremendously. Directly after getting several Nekromorphe try to harm you. These beasts are already from a considerable distance, they can easily wipe out. Yet after – apparently all Nekromorphen are dead – carefully approach, happens because every now and then one of these monsters dead provides. This then just waiting, that you are passing moves them and then start a common attack. To make sure you can give a strong kick Nekromorphen in passing again.
Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4

Then continuing best again to use the guide that leads one to the next storage point. The schema for the Ripper which you should collect definitely is located directly next to the storage object. Now the requirement is done on this page and you can go back to the other side. Then a short walk follows upwards until you arrive at the starting area. Before you then the lift right rear can use must survive first an attack by aliens. A small Tip: Who wants to have it easier in the next section, should buy the pulse rifle and the Ripper, without these weapons it can be difficult even for the professional.

You first arrived with the lift, there is only a way to directly traced. Before you can now take the next door, you must first again deal with a horde of Nekromorphen. Completes this simple task now follows a course where you take the left turning, to secure a power node. Now hit one its way in the other direction, where a semiconductor and then later the next storage point.

Directly after saving can be reached in a centrifuge space where you have to do to create on the gravitation. Previously waiting but two opponents who want to be massacred. The device up and running again, you must establish a connection between generators and body. This seems to be to be because that begin to turn contact immensely quickly not to create the first glance. So that sufficient time remains to establish the connections, it deploys best stasis. It now adopts the Kinese to make it work.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 4Everything was clear now jumps you upwards with a set and enabled the centrifuge, which creates a luftleerer space. Now goes back to the elevator and goes back to the bottom. In the next game sequence it would be beneficial if you have some patience. Finally you can go through in one piece, but each must run from a niche to the next, so that one is caught by the centrifuge. But don’t worry because the air about halfway you pass in an air station. As so often in this game it says then back to the starting point. On the way back should however careful, because lurks a huge tentacles in the middle of the road. You can destroy this obvious enemy by you making some targeted shots on the yellow lumps. By the round lock it goes off again in an outdoor area. Directly before a platform now arises you must leap. Now makes it a quarter turn and jump with a specific reference to the next lock. There a schema for the average Medipack is first in the corridor. It simply continues all the way, one finally comes in a huge space is divided into several sticks. Best one looks on each floor are behind almost every door more or less useful items.

Again we arrive at a door which has an error. After you open it using the stasis, some aliens behind this door lurking already. The enemies are done, now make pace says: next up there is only a single open door behind which many Nekromorphen are. As a reward for the execution of the whole Nekromorphe you can get a power node in this large room. Now you can launch the boot sequence and the emerging enemies make the track with his Ripper. Finally to confirm only the ignition on the same terminal. To complete the third chapter, behold you must make again the way to the monorail.

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February 13, 2011

Dead space – the solution part 3

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

Chapter 2: Intensive Care Unit
Now that the first chapter was finished, it will now continue with the first ride on the monorail. At the beginning of the second chapter, you find yourself in an empty compartment, which you can rely directly. Then one should notice a rather strange lady directly. Get thee over to this blind woman, then you get this right the Kinesmodul presented. Thanks to this very useful module, it is now possible to draw different objects approaching, move or wegzuschleudern. As for the one or the other players in the handling of this module at the beginning is a bit strange well, it’s worth it if you tried this only a few times before proceeding, make the actual game. Well prepared to go in the other tasks of the capital, you should still pick up the small health pack, which is located right under the seats.

Then you need already previously learned new skills. Use the kinesis gives you the best first off the boxes that are in front of you on your way. Once you finally made it all the boxes aside so the schemes are collected, which is located a few meters in front of the door. The scheme is quite useful – after all, you can buy the fact the flame thrower. In the next room then you can learn from the next (small) order – one should should first start looking for something explosive to then destroy the objects on the left hand side. But before we embark on a quest, it is advisable to save the game and collect the credits, which are located on the cabinet and on the ground.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

Not matter whether you have now brought the matter or not, it is now out. There is a huge container, because you can move easily thanks to its abilities to the side. Then dip again some of these pesky animals called Nekromorphen. Are they out of the way, one needs only the energy cell in the opening set. If you have used up the energy for the node before a door, it would now be useful to bring a new energy hub, which is located in the adjoining room. There can also find the schema for the momentum projectiles.
Maybe now appears just before the lift is another enemy that one should normally not over till the fat. At the top one goes first on the platform and then moves them to the other side. However, it should not be forgotten on the two enemies that were raised during this work in its way. Besides the monsters includes safeguarding destroyed, which is located next to the door. If you go now in the first outdoor, one should not forget that the existing Luftreserveren sufficient for only a limited time. In this section, these are very highly rated, so you can even create loose with slow pace the way through. If you want to be completely sure yet, we can first search through the closets, where there is an air tank.

Once one is now gone through the gate, you can start to be a rather strange-looking room, where the gravity override. From now on you can easily jump over the walls without crashing. Next, we investigated turned out to a floating cell, and does this in the opening. It does not matter which of the cells is selected. Zoning is now behind the door, you get the other important component of the bomb. Furthermore, even credits and ammunition found in the room.

And now we must make themselves once again on the way to the exit point. This time, however, meet a return on the new small bacilli, which lovingly attach and suck like the character, allowing its energy. These little beasts are best destroyed with the pulse rifle. However, should it occur once, that this vile monster had attached, it must be very quickly press the A or X button and pray that the bugs come off again.
Is it then – after having destroyed the stubborn little beasts – arrived back in the room with all the stuff to hunt this directly with the Termitbombe in the air. Then again appear on some useless Lurker that need to bring back to the route. Now, you are able to put the energy cell in the right hole. In the waiting room at first then reach again a number of small Nekromorphe out to be extinguished.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 3

If we now further along the path, you get a pretty crazy first picture to see. Here you can either look for a while or go direct to the end of the room where you can save game progress again. After that, the course goes on until you come to a lift. This one uses and then goes down the location of the morgue. can usually find people who died there to rest, has at the moment there but a funny-looking Nekromorph nested, reviving all the dead bodies as mutants. At the time when you enter the morgue, fortunately only the captain was revived. Thus, it is not yet in a few moments are far more resurrected bodies, should the Nekromorph kill as quickly as possible. This one has not the time to place accurate shots. Rather, it is wild herumzuschiessen around and hope that the two enemies are destroyed. Has now enabled, you can see on the ground an object which has lost the resurrected Captain, that you collect. In the last corner of the morgue you can get another power node for the later chapters.

Then one has done his work in the morgue and good cheer can go back to the elevator to the top. After we got out of the elevator, one follows the path straight ahead to the next door. To destroy the enemy found there, is given to the best stasis, since it is practically incapacitated. Then you need only go through the left door and go back to the monorail, to complete the Chapter Two.

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February 12, 2011

Dead space – the solution part 2

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 2Continuation of the 1.Kapitels
As promised yesterday, it continues today with the Walktrough to dead space 2. Because we are stopped yesterday still in the first chapter, we will continue of course there. Since her so as mentioned in the room returned where you find the plasma cutter, is once again on a ride with the lift. This time it goes back up where you first stops directly after getting off because there already is waiting for the next villain. Since but beware, almost at the same time another enemy approaching you from behind. After a quick 180 ° rotation should but this enemy cannot harm one. The two enemies brought first to the corner, is it on in the next room. In this you will find a door that you bring back to the beginning of the game, namely the ship.
Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 2
You must now adopt from his good old ship by enables the boot sequence and then as soon as possible makes of the field. After the ship in sea is crystal-clear, you should check this not too long because already raging Nekromorphen on one move from afar. They can be cleared with some targeted shots on the arms and legs of individuals easily out of the way. Now the first chapter is almost finished, now you need only the way go back and use the left door in the next room. Then you need drive only with the elevator down. You already lost parts his energy up to this point, so you can visit first quite the toilet in the corridor, there is a great Medipack. After it has started now but the ride with the lift, the shop is the top for the first time. Until the suit level 2, which increases the item places 3, actually no further items to purchase that are really useful.

Now it can go down in the second chapter, this one simply enters the monorail and clicks on the map.

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February 10, 2011

Dead space – the solution part 1

by Sam

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1

Determine each already pulled under the spell of dead space 2, however in a chapter festhängt, will be helped with this detailed Walktrough. Following tips & tricks anyone the deadly all will come gradually closer – and easily using this solution.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1Chapter 1: Before you can penetrate even through the exciting world of dead space 2, an exciting intro waiting newbies – players which already give you a very somber impression. After you get used to the mysterious mood, go play on the dock of the USG Ishimura, where you can first loose. To be prepared for the long journey, you will find a small Medipack directly at the beginning of the game in the corner. On the opposite side, now I leave the ship and is always based on the right side. There you can soon see a gate that opens it. Browse the shelves on the left then to secure you 1,500 credits as well as a second Medipack. Before the game really record ride, you must use the door on the opposite side to go to the Terminal where you need to load the incident reports. Suddenly you will hear how evil Nekromorphen popping up and wipe out the heroism of the player. The previously locked door is unlocked. Now it goes as quickly as possible going along, until you get to an elevator. Here you must be really fast because it is caught otherwise even by a Nekromorph. It manages to make the Nekromorph behind it, you can drive calmly to one level deeper. The bottom floor is the first time directly correctly to business. After you insert the melee weapons and the plasma cutter off the table, the first fight almost ready. To strengthen a Medipack and another 1,000 credits are available besides the weapons. Then it goes towards output, where to find a door. To unlock it, you have to aim with the plasma cutter on the backup, located right next to the door. After there has hineingemacht a step, to get his first opponent to face directly. This is initially still engaged in a body only later he registered a few breaths however that you are in space and promptly sprints to it on one. That opponent can easily turn off by you just shoot with the plasma cutter on his legs. If the monster still being moveth afterwards, a short kick ensures safe end.

Anyone can get additional 1,000 credits, follows the gang and turn left. Then again to change its direction and comes to another room. There you learn of his order the monorail back maintained add via video log. On the left side of the door the first opportunity the players now, to protect the own score.  Now you know what is and determined to continue his way. Best one moves now always on the left wall and forward by a large room to the other side. There you is given then the stasis ability allows the players opponents and objects to be slower. You will directly take just learned ability to get through the next door that has a small defect.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1

A further turn where you will save the game bends behind the door. Turning now to the right there is a one Medipack, credits and unregistered ammunition to free for the taking. Now you should hasten to the other end, there will be entrusted directly with the first puzzle of the game. Before it goes now to solve the puzzle, it is still necessarily collect the energy nodes that is found on the right wall.

Compared to the puzzles waiting in the later chapters still players, this is resolve here pretty quickly and easily. The task is obtaining the wagon of the monorail by enabling two contacts. It is important to first care left contact and then only to the right. After pressing the second contact we must proceed very quickly. First activate stasis directly after the pressing and running as quickly as possible in the Middle revved the engine. Usually one or two opponents in the way, which can be cleared with the plasma cutter without problems arise along the way.

Dead Space – Die Komplettlösung Teil 1

It is even managed to set the machine in motion, you done his target in this floor. Now it moves back to the elevator and runs another stock to below. Once on the ground floor, the next Nekromorphen only defeat have by one separating them with the plasma cutter arms await one. All attacks – such as the separation of the head – show little impact because the monsters move otherwise nevertheless on the player. Hardly you have you enemies of the neck managed and made the first steps in the elevator, waiting the next opponent. These can carry quite quickly with the plasma cutter in the hereafter. Then follow best the right way that leads to an elevator. With this one goes for a few moments in the upstairs there to get the key for the maintenance area. Returned back down it goes back along the left side.

The next door is again a locked. Now the key is used, the man had just taken from the upper floor. Just open space found her two energy nodes for the attentive look, one directly to the left, the other right next to the bench on the wall.
The two nodes can be used now on the Workbench to increase the power of plasma cutters. By Isaac’s helping guide it should be no problem again find the way back to that place where you received its first order. The Board used, you should have picked up from the locked room comes to this source. Thanks to this it creates now the monorail at the Terminal to activate it.
You once mastered this task, it is back again to the roots. More specifically you must go to that place, where you got the plasma cutter at the start of the game.

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