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February 17, 2011

Choosing her corset

by Sam

Corsets and Garter belt proposed by the follies of Bettie are brand What Katie Did (UK)
They are handmade by a corset.
The lining is 100% cotton for maximum comfort and is the main composition Satin
The corset is made of 2 pieces laced together in the back and stapled on the front with a busk in
Lensemble as the corset and ensures a perfect fit in addition to an flat stomach. Whales distributed
on the edge of the corset reduces the waist and provides a port slim and shapely.

Choice of the corset

When you choose your corset, measure the strongest part of your chest and your hips
and the thinnest part of your waist.
Generally, select a size corset dune size smaller than 10 cm (4 inches) to your size
In selecting dun first corset, The follies of bettie suggest you focus on a dune size corset
5cms to lower your height measured.

Put her corset

If you want to redo the lacing, follow these steps:
Start by lacing up the corset after the drawing. In the middle of the brace are the two loops
clamping (eyelet 7 & 8). When you reach the point A (eyelet 6), put away loeillet B (B eyelet
inside) and form a loop back over previous loeillet C (eyelet 6). And so on
jusquen down. You do the same loop Lautre other side of the corset. You finish your lacing
by a tight knot.

Tightening your corset with help

For the vast majority of corsets, lacing seffectue back. Thus, tightening your
corset requires a lot of energy. We recommend you seek help for lace.
Make sure the laces are as apart as possible (on average 12 to 15 cms)
Check the up / down, theoretically the male pins of the comb (1 / 2 piece of metal supporting pins
female) are on the left.
Clip the pin of the comb, starting with the lower level, and trying to put the top one, the
others should follow.
Now you can tighten.
Retrieve the soft bottom of the lace in the middle, pui slack lace up the middle.
Raise your arms and move from time to time for your body to take its place in the interior and pull
gently. You can enter the stomach to relieve the compression and help tightening.
Do not overtighten at chest. Cest quil at this point become uncomfortable if it is
too tight. It is best to leave a few centimeters douverture between the edges to avoid too
press the spine. When the corset has a comfortable compression, tie at the back of
corset and slip below the brace at the bottom. You can hang the strands of 30 cms.

Tightening your corset without help
Roll the 2 sides of the corset to twist it into a roll, and spread up and down by pulling
order to remove the laces up.
To begin to put the corset we recommend denfiler your tights or stockings, as well as your
shoes if you have to do the laces because you can not bend down easily.
If you wear down, lay the corset completely open on the bed to the bed and lextérieur plan
although the side of the comb with the male pins will be placed on the left of your belly. Put yourself
back to bed and hook the garters from behind. Hard to do when corseted.
Take the 2 sides at the waist and pull of 30-40 cms and temporarily tie the washing dune
loop slightly, just to maintain it. Then repeat the back and gradually pull (never
suddenly). Repeat size up to the top, bottom and due up to the waist. Alternately pull on
loop to retrieve and revive the margin on the front so you can tighten the back. Follow
Tightening the same advice as above. It is recommended to leave a few centimeters douverture to avoid too much pressure on the column
Once the pressure reached, tie a knot in the back that you can easily undo.
Raise your arms and lean lair dun side of the other and then back to davant correctly
you install.

Tips and recommendations
Avoid leaning forward because of the rigidity of the corset, follow the small simple things
like going down the back straight while bending the knees to pick up something on the ground.
Especially not attempt to manually undo the busk without first completely loosen the laces.
Normally, you should not be, otherwise you could labîmer and hurt you.
If you want to wear your corset for the day, put on and tighten it before breakfast.
Attention to all the carbonated water, soda, beer, champagne …
Pain is a sign that your corset is too tight a corset should be comfortable.